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By “Warner Brothers Buns of Steel Fitness Fame” Leisa Hart

This post was created in partnership with BodyLogicMD.  [However,] all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve been suffering from hormone-related issues for over 15 years. I met with various doctors for a wide array of symptoms such as low energy levels, lack of focus, poor sleep, random pain, weight gain, anxiety and depression. Each time I was given a pill for this and a pill for that, accompanied by a touch of sympathy and a dose of“not sure what to do with her” look in their eyes. I was even told by doctors, “you’re in your 50’s, SO THIS IS NORMAL.” This common response made my skin crawl and set me on a mission!

As a last effort to fight my annoying symptoms, I scheduled an appointment with the hormone specialists at BodyLogicMD. Goodness gracious! I wish it had been sooner than later, but I am thankful to BodyLogicMD for not only understanding what was going on with my body, but offering a customized solution to relieve some of these “normal at age 50” symptoms.


Friends, if you are unaware, hormones are the building blocks of our emotional and physical wellbeing – in men and women. In fact, hormones are so important in every aspect of our daily lives that, if they are slightly off – we can feel WAY OFF.

Something I just recently learned from BodyLogicMD was, as we pass the age of 30 – our bodies often produce fewer hormones in men and women. Lowering hormonal levels go hand-in-hand with those annoying symptoms like fatigue, not sleeping at night, joint and muscle pain, mood swings, brain fog or forgetfulness, hot flashes (especially in women) and, for many a lower sex drive.


After sending in a simple home test kit, and having some blood work done, I had the honor of making an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Landa, Orlando-based BodyLogicMD practitioner. She listened to my story and list of symptoms with utmost compassion and understanding.  After reviewing the results of my blood and urine tests, she explained how these simple tests provided an explanation for my health concerns and hormone deficiencies. She then created a customized plan SPECIFICALLY FOR MY NEEDS- not a one-size- fits-all plan – but one JUST FOR ME.

To me, this type of approach really fits the era I believe our society is embracing:“Taking charge of your health – going natural – finding the root of the problem not patching over a symptom – enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself – living a quality lifestyle longer – and partnering with a physician that understands your hormones and body.” All keystones in the new movement of patient health in my opinion.


Before I began my prescribed treatment, I did my research. I was so impressed to learn that all BLMD physicians must complete extensive hormone training and certifications- well beyond the standard requirements.  Compared to many family doctors that just took a weekend seminar or two, I felt my body was in more qualified hands with BLMD.

I feel that every man and woman deserves this kind of special attention for optimal health. I must admit, the skeptic in me wondered if the red carpet treatment would be rolled away after the first visit. But again, I was blown away.


Dr. Landa introduced me to the first steps on this health regimen. I expected that was the regimen that would remain in place throughout the journey.  I was surprised— and impressed – that I was wrong! Along the way, the plan evolved based on how my body responded to the prescribed supplements and natural hormone replacement therapy. This makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE. Our body, our DNA is unlike anyone else’s. Our personal health care regiment should reflect that uniqueness and adjust to the results rather than the “see you again next year approach” that I was used to. BodyLogicMD practitioners proudly embrace these methods. As a result, I feel that I have found a true health partner in my BodyLogicMD practitioner.

Updates on my journey to better health will no doubt continue with my documented successes.

I encourage you to follow my “Journey to Better Health by Leisa Hart” now by watching my real life videos and blogs at More great information on hormone balance is available from my own experiences as well as from BodyLogicMD practitioner Dr. Jen Landa, M.D., who also serves as the corporate-level Chief Medical Officer.

“Live, learn and give back to yourself through better living.”

– Leisa Hart

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Leisa Hart 

The wildly popular Warner Bros. home workout series, “BUNS OF STEEL” host Leisa Hart – combines 35 years of health and fitness success and television experience with featured lifestyle topics and advice with “Leisa Hart Lifestyles.” Leisa Hart also hosts Home & Lifestyle TV produced by Omni Visual Media and regularly featured on numerous national television programs. Leisa Hart is now endorsing BodyLogicMD and documenting her results for her followers. see more now at