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Chapp's Burgers: A Unique Twist on the Classic

When you use the best beef in Texas, you don’t gimmicks or tricks

We cook our burgers to perfection, using only the best ingredients served right out of the kitchen. We get shipments of fresh Texas Beef from Black Angus cattle that have grazed pastures the majority of their life and are then grain finished for flavor and juiciness by the legendary Nolan Ryan Brand. That’s because we make every burger to order, so each one is the absolute freshest, juiciest and most delicious it can be.

Our menu has always relied on two things: quality and integrity.
We cut through countless all-natural Black Angus beef burgers, sandwiches, fresh vegetables and buns. But we never cut corners. One thing is constant – our fresh ingredients.

Chapps Burgers locations: With seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, you’re always close to a great burger at Chapps.

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