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Ruibal's Gardening Tip: "Annual VS. Perennials"

Mark Ruibal Explains the Pros and Cons of Planting Annuals and Perennials.

Mark explains HOW DIFFERENT from each other annuals and perennials are, he also explains HOW TO USE BOTH to "layer" in your garden for "full-year" beauty.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between Annual Plants versus Perennials?


An annual plant completes its life cycle in one year. That means it germinates from a seed, sends out roots, shoots and flowers, and ultimately sets seed. The goal of every annual is to set seed and ensure the survival of the species. Once seed matures, the life cycle is complete, and the annual plant dies. Other annuals have their lives cut short before they can set seed because frost arrives. Many annuals are tropical plants, native to south-of-the-border locales where frost doesn’t darken the garden gate. These plants may perform as perennials in warmer regions, but in areas with frost, they behave like annuals.


Perennials, on the other hand, live for three or more growing seasons. They are less work than annuals because they grow back each year from roots that go dormant in the winter. They will be around from year to year, so they put their energy into growing strong roots instead of growing lots of flowers like annuals do.

Perennials can be planted from bulbs or seeds. Often bulbs must be planted in the fall to produce spring-blooming plants. Perennials generally have shorter blooming periods than annuals, so gardeners often pair them with annuals or perennials that bloom at various times of the year to maintain constant color.


In 1984, Michael Ruibal began selling bedding plants out of a small truck and a 10’x20′ daily rental space at the Dallas Farmers Market. One truck load at a time, one customer at a time, and the desire to satisfy every customer earned a reputation that the best plants could be found at Ruibal’s.

Over three decades later, the entire Ruibal family works to expand that reputation for excellence, both in service and in the quality of plants and products we offer.

Dad’s small daily space has grown into an entire city block where multiple trucks unload daily. Our own plant farm now consists of nearly 130 greenhouses and covers nearly thirty acres, growing the highest quality bedding plants…inside the Dallas city limit! In 2006 we opened a second plant shop near White Rock Lake. Store number three on Lemmon Avenue opened in October of 2011 as our first greenhouse built from the ground up.

In spring of 2013 they introduced the new garden market concept to Far North Dallas with the addition of Ruibal’s Rosemeade Market, which incorporates a full service nursery and fresh produce market.

Ruibal's Plants of Texas owner Mark Ruibal offers up the answer to one of the most popular questions he receives at his 4 Dallas locations. From locally grown bedding plants and perennials to pottery, statuary, planting services, deliveries and now even produce, they're here to help.

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