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Your Mid-Life doesn’t HAVE to be a crisis!

Your Mid-Life doesn’t HAVE to be a crisis!

Checklists can be helpful in determining what’s going on in our bodies as we age. You know the drill: Low energy? Check. Trouble sleeping? Check. Forgetfulness? Increased joint and muscle pain? Check. Trouble losing weight? Mood swings? Depression? All of the above. These symptoms could be symptoms of menopause in women or andropause in men. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is one customized solution that CAN restore what the aging process takes away.

The Facts of Life for Most Men and Women: hormone production levels in the body begin to decline in our 30s, sometimes up to 10% per year as we age. These critical hormones in women and men are messengers that regulate the actions of the body’s cells and organs. Hormone imbalances and daily fluctuations can cause unwanted symptoms such as: fatigue and lack of energy, weight gain or stubborn inability to lose weight regardless of exercise and diet, muscle pain and stiffness, poor sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, depression and mood swings (to name only a few). So, what are the options to this ageless question? Read on.

Synthetics VS. Natural Solutions

Doctors have long prescribed hormone therapy in a one-size-fits-all combination of synthetic estradiol and progesterone and testosterone. Synthetic modalities are sold in various forms such as injectables, patches, creams, and gels. The synthesized versions often contain components such as equine urine, which is why they receive their characterization as “synthetic” versus a more natural one. Some physicians claim, that due to using non-humanistic in contrast to “Bioidentical” components of estradiol and testosterone that synthetic applications increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Unfortunately, for those greatly in need of hormone therapy – this can cause patients to avoid exploring hormone treatment altogether.

An Efficient Solution Exists

BodyLogicMD physicians can optimize hormone balance safely and consistently in women and men using several “non-synthetic” forms such as increasingly popular pellet therapy. Placed just under the skin, the pellets are convenient, only needing insertion 2 or 3 times per year on average, and the body dynamically takes from the hormone pellets what is needing during the day to remain balanced through the ups and downs of an active day. Hormone pellets consist of natural estrogen and testosterone derived from plant sources, compressed into small pellets and other delivery methods such as topical creams. They are manufactured in a sterile facility by a United States compounding pharmacy that follows strict federal guidelines and Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The best part? BodyLogicMD practitioners possess the highest education on hormone therapy in the industry.

Individualized Dosing

One size does NOT fit all. BodyLogicMD offers a unique and effective approach to hormone optimization. Patient hormone levels are accurately measured and proper dosing is calculated. Patient blood and urine testing is needed to truly discover where the hormone production levels currently are in assisting the physician in making the needed adjustments. To date, these methods are the most scientific and straight-forward solutions available in properly determining and correcting hormones.

Unique Delivery

BodyLogicMD’s pellet hormone therapy is delivered through tiny pellets inserted into the layer just under the skin. The procedure is simple and completed in a few minutes. The pellets are cardio-activated to provide a tailored, consistent dose of hormones. They act as a tiny storehouse of pure, compressed hormones that the body can access to maintain optimized levels. This helps patients avoid the inconsistencies that accompany other therapies. Bioidentical pellets outperform synthetics and have fewer side effects. In fact, many patients experience sustained hormone levels from 4 – 6 months. 

Don’t Deny the Data

Unknown by many, bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy has been used successfully around the world since 1939. Well-researched data show BHRT with pellet implants is the safest and most effective route to hormone optimization The research comprises decades of medical studies with thousands of patients and is widely published in respected, peer-reviewed medical journals around the world. Studies consistently demonstrate that BHRT. administered through subcutanous pellets, can be a viable option for many patients.

There has been an uptick in interest in Siouxland after a medical practitioner was researching safe options for osteoporosis patients seeking more natural treatments. What’s the connection? Hormone replacement can actually build bone mass by up to 8.3% per year. But there’s more.

Prior to the 2000s, oral estrogen and synthetic progesterone were used for hormone replacement. Estrogen provides cardiovascular protection but there was doubt because synthetic hormones needed to be administered by mouth in large doses to counteract how quickly the liver processed them. This resulted higher levels of toxic metabolites that led to an increased risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. That is another reason why BodyLogicMD is a better choice.

In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) came out with a study that showed an increased risk of heart attacks in women taking oral conjugated estrogen derived from horse urine combined with synthetic progesterone. The distinction between “synthetic” and “bioidentical” (natural) hormones was not made clear and doctors began taking women off hormone replacement altogether or not starting them on it all.

BodyLogicMD Successfully Optimizes Hormones for both Men and Women

Men and women can experience similar symptoms during andropause and menopause. These include: low energy levels, fatigue, low libido, problems sleeping, moodiness, irritability, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Men with symptomatic hormone deficiencies often go untreated or opt for synthetic topical testosterone or injections into muscle every two weeks. They often experience major hormone swings that end in hormonal deficiencies at the end of the cycle. When men use topical hormone creams, the absorption rate is unpredictable and hormone levels often fail to achieve adequate symptom relief.

Men and women who receive pellet implant therapy can experience greater mental clarity, increased libido, decreased central body fat, increased muscle tone and bone mass, enhanced energy levels, less fatigue, and a decrease in depression, irritability and mood swings. The BodyLogicMD method goes beyond “balancing” to “optimizing” hormone levels. BodyLogicMD restores hormone levels to match those present in healthy young adults. Optimization maximizes menopausal and andropausal symptom relief and allows patients to experience optimal improvement in muscle, body fat, and bone mass.

Women may need testosterone therapy, too. Did you know: Healthy young ovaries make testosterone? This results in less central body fat. Women lose testosterone faster than estrogen and lose 50% of their testosterone production between the ages of 20-40 and this has been implicated in post-partum depression. Men typically begin losing 1% – 3% of their testosterone each year starting in their late 20s. Men and women with lower testosterone levels tend to have more central body fat, loss of muscle mass, higher rates of diabetes, and lower sex drives. 

Many BodyLogicMD patients are experiencing dramatic results. Nearly 95% of people who start pellet therapy return for treatments. The pellets last an average of 3 – 4 months for women and 5 – 6 months for men. 

Incorporate Nutraceutical Support

Hormone therapy is often augmented with nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical grade supplements), such as iodine and Vitamins A, D, and K. They provide nutrient and mineral support that enhances breast, prostate, joint, and bone health. 

Want to regain your youthful vigor and energy with safe and effective hormone replacement therapy? Check! Well, BodyLogicMD may be the answer for you.