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4 Signs Your Drains May Be Clogged

CW Service Pros explains the top 4 signs your home drains or sewer may be having issues and what you can do if you think your drains are clogged. Luckily, CW Service Pros can easily spot the areas that need unblocking with innovative camera technology!

Clogged drains can be a real hassle for any homeowner. Identifying the cause of the problem is crucial to preventing more significant issues down the road. CW Service Pros use the latest technology to inspect and clean your drains thoroughly. From simple clogs to more severe problems, they can tackle many issues with their drain cleaning services.

4 Signs Your Drains and Sewer Pipes May Be Clogged

Signs of Clogged Drains or Pipes

Sign #1 Your Sinks and Tubs Drain Slower than Usual

Water is draining slowly or not at all from fixtures and plumbing appliances throughout your home. Multiple sink, bathtub, and shower drains may be affected. There may be issues with flushing the toilet or it may even overflow, potentially bringing water and waste into your home. Water damage and contamination by bacteria and viruses can result. If running a washing machine causes a nearby sink or toilet to overflow, a sewer line problem may be the cause.

Signs Your Drain May Be Clogged

Sign #2 Pests in the Pipes

Do you keep finding insects or small rodents in your kitchen sink? Don’t rush to call the exterminator just yet—instead, explore the possibility of a drain issue.

Other larger animals like rodents may use drainpipes as a passageway through toilets or broken pipes. Only an experienced plumber can identify openings in your pipes and seal them up.

Signs Your Drain May Be Clogged

Sign #3 Frequent Clogging or Overflowing Toilets

Almost everyone finds themselves plunging a toilet now and then. But if you more frequently need to plunge the toilet or a kitchen sink, and it’s running more slowly, there could be a clog deep in your drainage system. If so, the problem most likely won’t be limited to one plumbing fixture. A clog’s effect on water pressure can also lead to unexplainable changes in a toilet’s water level.

Signs Your Drain May Be Clogged

Sign #4 Foul Odors Coming from Your Drains

If foul odors are permeating from your toilet, sink, or shower drains, sewage is not draining as it should.

Normally, all waste and the odors associated with it flow continuously through drainage and sewer lines. If not, then there is a clog, or worse, a broken or collapsed sewer pipe.

The Take-Away

Don't ignore the signs of clogged drains! Slow-draining sinks, sewage odor, frequent need to plunge toilets and bugs in sinks can all indicate that your plumbing system needs attention. CW Service Pros experienced technicians can help restore your drains and protect your home from further damage.

Contact CW Service Pros today to schedule an appointment and get your plumbing system back on track!

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