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From Headaches to Healing: Holistic Dentistry

In this episode of #SOTHRIVE, Tiffany Hendra interviews holistic dentist Becky Coats, also known as "Dr. Jaw Dropper" about holistic dentistry.

Coats describes a holistic dentist as someone who "looks at the person as a whole, instead of just their teeth."

Dr. Coats' journey to holistic dentistry started at a young age. She experienced jaw issues as a result of sucking her thumb for too long. This impacted her self esteem, making her feel shy. Braces straightened her teeth, but the pain persisted.

"When I went to college, I had headaches and constant jaw popping," Coats said, "I had a hard time eating and sleeping."

The Journey To a Better Life

Dr. Coats went to many chiropractic visits and massage therapy sessions, but nothing helped. Soon after she had graduated, and started working as a General Dentist, Dr. Coats noticed her patients having similar issues to herself.

That's when she knew there was something missing that would connect the dots, but she didn't know what. She traveled across the United States, delving into jaw-focused research, and what she learned, changed her life... and her practice.

Enter TMJ Plus Wellness Center, her office in Grapevine Texas.

In her practice, Dr. Coats uses the knowledge from experience and research to help her patients alleviate pain and live their best life. She doesn't just deal with traditional teeth treatments like braces and whitening.

Tongue posture, Sleep apnea, posture, and Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are all areas in which Dr. Coats works in.

"I'm very grateful to be able to help others who haven't found answers to their health concerns through traditional denistry," she said, concluding the interview.

Ready to see how holistic dentistry may change your life?

Visit Dr. Becky Coats at TMJ Wellness Center

TMJ Wellness Center

2631 Ira E Woods Ave Suite 1

Grapevine, TX 76051


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