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For the Seasoned Darts Player: How to Choose the Right Darts

The most important part in the process of choosing the type of darts is all up to you and your priorities. When you pick up the right set of darts, you will be able to use them to improve the level of your accuracy and performance. At Fort Worth Billiards, we offer wide choices available for you to choose the best dart for made for you.

Types of Darts

Darts come in many sorts, for example, wooden, tungsten or metal. The most well-known and common one is the tungsten, undoubtedly because of the degree of durability that it offers. This type of dart makes it easier to gather close together as they have relatively smaller barrel than the other types. For example, the Shot Darts Viking Shield Maiden set is 90% tungsten front weighted and is a spear for those who constantly improve their skills and sharpen their eye. You have to experiment with the variety of darts to assess what type that works the best for you. It all boils down to preference.


When it comes to the grip on the barrel of the dart, there are many types to choose from diamond pattern knurled barrel to plain and now the new edge grip. One of our most popular offers, the Bottelsen Kick Ass Black Steal tungsten dart, comes in a black steal and silver finish and has an edge grip with coarse knurling.Just get a design you are comfortable with, try out your friend's darts to see what suits you.


The tip of the dart can be a fixed steel point, in which case it can only be used on bristle boards or the new Bristletech dart boards from Halex, or it can be a soft tip which is a plastic screw in tip that can be replaced. It is now common for darts to be convertible, with 2BA threads on either end of the barrel, which means you have the best of both worlds, both soft and steel options. Just bear in mind that the largest weight allowed in the electronic game is 20 grams. Thus if you shoot at both bristle and electronic boards, don’t go heavier than 20 grams for your barrel. For the best value in darts, look no further than the Fat Cat 19 Gram 21 Dart Set. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from nickel silver alloy. Each set includes 21 soft tip darts, each with nylon shaft, and flights.


Next comes the shaft to hold the flights, it should be light to keep the weight of the dart forward and are made from plastic, aluminium, steel wire or even titanium! The only thing to worry about with the shafts is that they are straight and undamaged so the flights are held in place properly. The newest shaft is a spinning shaft, which doesn’t spin in flight like you might think, it simply moves the flight out of the way if another dart hits the flight in play. The Dart Word TopSpin Short Staff shafts offer anodized aluminum with a spinning top that will rotate the flight for an incoming dart to reduce deflection and improve scoring.

Over time, the game of darts has turned into a professional sport. Rigidity, weight and shape are the three factors every professional should consider before choosing their dart arrows. Only proper darts will fly swiftly. Many darts are made of 90% tungsten and 10% copper nowadays, to ensure swift flight. To get the right dart equipment, you also have to consider the game that you will be playing. To make people enjoy and learn more about the game, you can purchase electronic or arcade boards. Come check out our diverse selection in store today, our experts will gladly make sure to find the right fit for you.


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