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Give Your Game Room a Boost with the Best Bar Stools

One of the best ways to add functional seating to almost any space is with bar stools. Since they come in all different sizes and styles, the versatility is boundless. Here is our buying guide to choosing a bar stool you’ll love (and be able to fit under your countertops or your counter height bar).

3 Types of Heights You Need to Know

Table Stool Height (Short Stool)

Shorter stools of this height are less common in design than other heights, but they can serve as the perfect creative substitute to chairs at a table or breakfast nook, especially if you’re going for a more casual look. They even make nice-looking accent chairs.

Counter Stool Height

These are the stools you want for your average 36″ counter top. They act as the perfect seating in the kitchen, or even in a living area. They are not quite as tall as the stools you’ll see in a restaurant or bar, so they’re easy and accessible seating for all areas.

Bar Stool Height

These are the stools that probably come to mind when someone says stool. A 30-inch bar stool is usually the perfect fit for your typical bar or 42-inch countertop. These stools are the kinds you’ll find at bars, so they don’t do well around the dining table, but throw them into your designs for your game room or work room and they'll be the perfect addition.

Bar Stool Features To Look For

Adjustable Height

Some bar stools come with a hydraulic pump that allows you to adjust the seat. This feature is great for families who may have both children and adults using the stools at different times.

A Swivel Top

A swivel top allows the seat to move from side to side without moving the chair base. This feature is the ideal for easy dining and multitasking, and they are best placed at the kitchen island, dining room (as a dining chair), or living room.

Our Products

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