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How Early Should You Begin Preventing Wrinkles?

It happens almost overnight, you wake up in the morning to look in the mirror and suddenly you don't recognize the person staring back. Time and lifestyle changes may have aged you at a rapid speed but there is hope.

If you're ready to turn back time on your face fortunately for you, botox & filler can provide you with a more youthful, tighter & brighter complexion. These treatments may not be for everyone so read on it you want to learn more about the process & the difference between botox & filler.

The hype around cosmetic injectables

As women, we want to look and feel our best! Over time the elasticity in our skin starts to fade and all of those late nights in our 20's start to show in the form of dark circles or wrinkles. The concept of injectable fillers dates back to the 1800s.

They would use this treatment to cover facial defects & scars. Fast forward to now cosmetic injectables are used on a global scale to seemingly turn back time on our face. More recently we see influencers and our favorite celebrities styling fuller, plump lips on porcelain skin without a wrinkle in sight. In addition, we've heard the botox horror stories or seen someone who may have gone a little overboard with their procedures. While this may leave a bad taste in a large group of us botox & fillers can be used to create a subtle look to enhance the natural beauty in you.

So what's the difference between Botox & filler?

While the process of getting Botox & filler are the same the two types of injectables work slightly differently. Botox is predominantly used to fade fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing & relaxing the underlying muscles.

Filler, on the other hand (as the name suggests) fills in fine lines & wrinkles. However, both Botox & filler are used for the same outcome, to give you a more youthful appearance.

What age should I start?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Some people use Botox & filler as a preventative measure for fine lines & wrinkles while some use them to fade what they currently have.

You must also take into account that neither Botox or filler last forever both of these treatments will fade at different rates but won't last longer than a year or so. Botox & filler are approved for patients 18 years or older. However, most experts agree that the mid to late 20s and early 30s are a good age for preventative treatment.

What should I expect?

You may be intimidated by picking up the phone and making that first visit, but once you see the incredible results you can achieve with cosmetic injectables you won't turn back. The amount of Botox & filler you get must coincide with what desired results you're looking to achieve.

Lucky for you, you'll have a medical professional walking you through the process and offering suggestions based on your face shape and individual needs. As we discussed earlier this is not a permanent treatment! So be prepared to make maintenance appointments once or twice a year. Both procedures are relatively painless and have little recovery time. You will experience a little swelling which should go down in a couple of days.

Ready to look younger & boost your confidence? Book your initial consultation today!

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