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Photographer Jenny Braly ON: "PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE"

Celebrated Fort Worth Texas photographer Jenny Braly has been capturing and documenting her subject's images and memories from behind her lenses for over 20 successful years. Home and Lifestyle TV is proud to feature Jenny Braly in a video series airing on our show slated for late October 2022.

Home and Lifestyle TV producers Christian Sly and Sarah Harron visited her Braly Studios in early September to document her creative processes, her styling, and her reasons for becoming a passionate photographer specializing in women subjects.

Braly states, "I currently prefer filming women - especially in their 40s to 60s because these women are in the prime of their lives and have discovered WHO THEY ARE or know where they would like to be on their journey."

This featured video is one of a series of introspective and educational clips highlighting Jenny's romantic and inspiring photography work and HOW SHE STARTED filming people.

Why Should You Consider A Luxury Photo Shoot with Braly Studios?

Jenny specializes in a whimsical style of portraiture that captures you in an entirely new light. Jenny loves to have fun designing and planning your vision for the shoot and compose beautiful artwork worthy to be hung up on your living room wall.

DISCOVER MORE on her website at

Email her at or Call directly: (682) 365-0194


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